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If you find yourself invited to a concert with a white person, do NOT expect to dance. Prepare yourself for three hours of standing reasonably still. It is also advised to get a beer or if legal a cigarette so you have something to do with your hands. Although it is acceptable to occasionally raise one hand and point just above the stage. This soundtrack is one that I constructed and pondered about. And by the way, read this hilarious entry regarding soundtracks from the blog, stuff white people like. Accipeter WTF are you talking about? My mom had super-light white skin that never ever tanned and bright, flashing green eyes. Is that white enough for you?

New Musica Releases + News/Tours Info Parte 4

Trainor, who also stood out as homemaker Mrs. Walsh in The Goonies , died May 20 of complications from pancreatic cancer at her home in Montecito, Calif. Trainor portrayed Los Angeles police psychiatrist Dr.

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We will roll out a new set of players counting backwards daily over the course of the next 32 weekdays. Here are the top 32 team-best quarterbacks in NFL history. You can find each individually numbered team by clicking on the number and name. Or you can click on the other positions in The Greats Debate: If you need me to tell you anything else about him, your homework is to do some research.

Steve Young, John Brodie No. John Elway Stats with team: One of the best QBs of all-time, Elway made a good choice choosing football over baseball.

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Although they hail from Boston, folk trio The Ballroom Thieves exude soulfulness from the Delta south. Martin Earley strums his guitar with feverish finesse as Devin Mauch rattles away with his diverse percussion with Calin Peters’ filling out the band’s sound with the tender rhythm of her cello; all the while weaving their voices together in wonderful harmonies. The band manages to imbibe a hearty sense of rock into their music and still maintaining a gentle sincerity.

Their songs are personal and earnest about their themes, whether it is the anguish of defining oneself in “Coward’s Son” or delving into bad relationships by way of metaphor in “Vampires”.

Jan 04,  · Yesterday Elsa posted a link to a photo gallery: “Rising Signs of Celebrities”. It was interesting to look for facial similarities. I had, stashed away among my drafts, a posting related to physical appearance and : Learning Curve on the Ecliptic.

Comedy — posted at: Joe grew up playing with all of them as a kid in New York. We talk all about Rucker Park, and the great rivalries in the big tournaments, what life was like on those courts, the smoothest players, everything. Meet us at the playground. He’s open about it. And he answered everything you wanted to know abou tit. If you already have it, you’ll relate. If you are going to get it soon, this will help you when you get unlucky. If you never get it. Man, we had such a good time.

#67 Standing Still at Concerts

On art, music, books, movies, politics, life – sometimes with astrology thrown in. It was interesting to look for facial similarities. I had, stashed away among my drafts, a posting related to physical appearance and astrology. Normally wary of theories about zodiac signs and planets having any influence on physical appearance, I’d had second thoughts about posting this, once prepared. I’ve retrieved it today.

Our Dothan, Alabama date was scuttled at the last minute, due to a booking gaff between our agency and the promoter, so we took the hit, and left early for Georgia anyway, In an effort to bypass some hairy Bonnaroo traffic just south of Nashville.

Tom Tomkinson When D’Angelo last visited Oakland in the spring of , he was steaming from the deafening acclaim given to Voodoo , and the impact of his glistening naked torso in the “Untitled How Does It Feel. Much of the audience arrived late after watching their hometown favorite Golden State Warriors lose a heartbreaker in Game 2 of the NBA Finals, and so they missed an opening set by promising Australian singer-songwriter Meg Mac.

This time, he didn’t strip off his shirt, instead opting for a series of modestly effective costume changes to complement his black T-shirt, pants and boots, like an assembly of hats, particularly a stylish white fedora, as well as a mud-and-lime colored trench coat and a white-ringed black shawl. His formerly glorious beefcake chest may have dissipated under time and age, but it wasn’t forgotten, if the frequently delighted squeals from women in the audience were any indication.

Frustratingly, but perhaps due to a first-show mistake, D’Angelo didn’t individually introduce the members of his band. D’Angelo frequently alternated between strumming a guitar, vamping on a keyboard and strutting in the center of the stage while seemingly nodding directions to his musicians. During the intro to “Really Love,” Foster performed a dazzling interpretative ballet.

Meanwhile, veteran bassist Pino Palladino added a bottom that pulsed underneath like a heartbeat. The heavy Prince influence isn’t as strong as in years past, but he still tends to scream at key moments just like the Purple One. During an extended rendition of “Back to the Future Pt. For the dirge-like funk rock churn of “The Charade,” his Black Messiah tribute to black men killed by law enforcement, he said, “We’re gonna do this for Freddie Gray, Michael Brown and a lot of others that we don’t know the names of.

This is for us.

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So “getting lynched” is fine fodder for his Camp camp, which finds Donald wandering in a well-lit forest looking for the titular “Bonfire” and trying to protect its campers from the same fate. Childish Gambino is the rapper persona of Donald Glover, who doesn’t exactly have the stereotypical hip-hop backstory.

Yes, we know Jay-Z started as a big-time drug dealer from the Brooklyn projects; Glover didn’t sell crack, though, but laughs before he became known on the mic, he was a successful, college-educated writer, actor, and comedian who grew up in the suburbs.

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Randy the Musical — – 4. Eggs on the Third Floor — – 4. Modern Day Revelations — – 4. Bitch I Deserve You — – 4. Blood of the Goat — – 4. Mike Vick — – 4. The samples throughout made me laugh; the shit about chandeliers… Perfectly over the top. AB boasting about the most unbelievable shit makes it believable. Using chandeliers as a measuring tool for wealth is goddamn brilliant. And like I said earlier, the samples between verses are so spot on with the way I feel about the song.

Having over-the-top lyrics and doing them correctly is extremely difficult. That with the bassline are just so perfectly grimy.


The strategy of opponents of abortion rights in the last couple of decades has been pretty straightforward. They take a bunch of shit in their filthy hands and they fling it at a wall containing the Roe v. They see which shit sticks, and then they go back to the shitpile, pick up some more shit, and throw again.

Dailey & Vincent celebrate being home for the holidays with guest artist Jeannie Seely! THE NEW CHRISTMAS TV SPECIAL To coincide with our new album, we recently filmed “ The Sounds of Christmas,” a broadcast television concert special, at The Franklin Theatre.

To celebrate, here are 40 things you didn’t know about it Beatniks, hippies, flower children and rock legends gathered together not in Woodstock, but in the little town of Bethel, rural New York State. The idea for the festival came from band manager Michael Lang and Artie Kornfeld, a songwriter turned record company executive. There was no suitable site in Woodstock, so organisers opted for Wallkill, 40 miles away. But residents blocked their plans, so dairy farmer Max Yasgur stepped in to offer his alfalfa field, in the neighbouring hamlet of Bethel.

Jimi Hendrix closed the festival with a rendition of the Star-Spangled Banner 4. Melanie Safka remember ‘I’ve got a brand new pair of rollerskates’? But she never made it to Woodstock.

The Rude Pundit

And today, the Rude Pundit had intended an examination of the prone mainstream media that lets the White House and the Religious Right dictate sexual mores despite their own blatant dishonesty on that account. But, instead, rude reader Joseph A has done something amazingly cruel and amazingly funny and, indeed, it must be noted. Joseph A took the now famous Jeff Gannon in his underwear picture, with that “come hither and give me yon cock” look, and posted a fake personal ad on Craigslist in Chicago.

This page contains links to various websites that you might find helpful, informative, enjoyable or just interesting. (Remember, this list is not comprehensive and the presence of sites on this list does not constitute endorsement for or support of any of the information provided on these sites.).

She moved to Los Angeles in She has released three albums and one EP. As a songwriter, she has written for Cher, Rihanna and Christina Aguilera, among others. Find out more interesting facts about LP here! Laura Pergolizzi was born in Lowery followed up by producing her debut album, Heart-Shaped Scar, released in through Koch Records.


Now, Johnny is back not only with a new solo project, but also with a forthcoming New Edition album as well. Check out the full interview below! What producers did you work with on the album? What can we expect?

Protest music has been the heartbeat of social and political movements throughout the world. In the darkest and most bewildering hours of our country’s history, it’s given the forgotten a.

That’s the third longest stint I’ve had in where I’ve logged consecutive days in one place. The other two were LA at the end of February 15 days and Melbourne at the beginning of the year 16 days. March was a crazy month. During my second day back in the city, Shecky had called and asked what I was doing. I’m about to order in a pizza,” I said. I’m constantly fighting for elbow space on cross country flights.

I’m checking in and out of over-priced hotels at odd hours and fielding the most asked question that I seem to get these days from friends, “Where are you and where are you off to next? This past week I’ve been content with not going anywhere. The only traveling I’ve been doing is swiping my Metrocard to hop on the subway. And of course in less than 24 hours, that’s all over for a while as I fly out to Hollyweird for a couple of days then drive to Las Vegas for two weeks and two assignments.

I eventually get back to NYC in early May and will have anywhere from two to three weeks of non-migration.


The “Motown Sound” has been celebrated in many movies including the five selected by TCM for this 50th anniversary tribute: Not a behind-the-scenes look at Berry Gordy, Jr. In search of a better standard of living, many southern blacks migrated northward, with the car factories of Detroit a particular magnet for the southern Diaspora. Lady Sings the Blues Wednesday, April 14, In the organization’s long history, it has often gone out of its way to honor Hollywood newcomers, from Marlene Dietrich — nominated for her first U.

Rarely has the anticipation of a screen debut or the excitement over its success run as high as when Diana Ross stepped into the role of a lifetime as tortured jazz singer Billie Holiday in Lady Sings the Blues

There is a reason this truck keeps the toppings simple, though — the crust, made by Gay’s mom, is the real star of the pizza. The menu may be limited, but this unique and flavorful pizza does not disappoint.

You must seriously love your curry — and checking in at Indian restaurants. Now prepare to face the likes of Novak Djokovic, slice an ace down the line, and make it a love game! Pulled pork or pork belly? What sides will you get? Whatever you choose, remember to bask in that contented, full-of-barbecue feeling before it turns into over-stuffed regret.

And wipe that sauce off your face. Sorry, make that a Royale with Cheese. Oh you fancy, huh? Go ahead, splurge on the caviar wrap! That guy selling bedazzled iPhone cases from a kiosk. Now treat yourself to a Tofurkey club and a shot of kombucha. Now pass those nachos, will ya? How about chilled oshinko to start? Ooh, and definitely get some unagi on the side.


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